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What's this sensor?:|

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Jan 22, 2015
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I bought some sensor about 4 month ago but i don't know what is below sensor?can you tell me what is it?

Looks like a pyrosensor, e.g. for motion detection. But pyrosensors have different detectors (single or dual) and infrared filters, some are designed for gas detection. A thermopile for a infrared thermometer could also have the same package design.

Is there any type marking?

No.Is there anyway to find out what is this?

I suspect, as usual, Frank is correct.

It appears to be some sort of pyroelectric sensor.

Although, the window filter seems to be composed of a different material than is normally employed in most sensors found in PIRs, perhaps indicating the device maybe tuned to a different wavelength range.

Perhaps a Near IR flame detector? Or gas detector?

It also appears remarkable similar, apart from the window filter, to the pyroelectric sensor in the PIR detector below:


Which also has three leads, by the way.

Although, again the window filter of your device maybe of a different material, possibly indicating the device maybe intended for a different purpose.

muRata manufactures a line of similar pyroelectric sensors:

muRata LEAD TYPE (IRA-E Series, IRA-S Series)

And the following device from another manufacturer:


You should have at least an idea about the rough purpose of the sensor, did you get it from the bargain table of a DIY shop?

As said there are similar looking sensors with different function, however dual-element pyro sensor with wide band motion detection interference filter is the most likely option, particularly for an unlabelled sensor.

A specific feature of the dual-element detector is that it's relative unsensitive to temperature variations of the case and uniform changes in the field of view. If you touch a single-element sensor with the finger, the output voltage will jump to saturation levels and recover after some 10 seconds. A dual-element sensor shows at best a small voltage step. Unfortunately there are also temparature compensated single-element sensors, so an unambiguous test is a bit more complicated.

To operate as a motion detector, the sensor must be used with a multi-zone fresnel lense.


It is a motion sensor only

Check by giving the power supply (5v and Ground)
Connect the output to a led.

when motion detects the led should turn on otherwise no

Check by giving the power supply (5v and Ground)
Connect the output to a led.

when motion detects the led should turn on otherwise no
If it's a standard pyrolectric motion sensor it has more likely an analog output (source terminal of a JFET), intended to be connected to signal processing electronic, as shown in the Murata datsheets linked by bigdogguru. I'm not aware of a type with digital output, but it may exist.

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