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Whats the best PCB tool?

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Jul 10, 2001
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PCB tool

What's the best PCB tool?

OrCAD Capture , Pspice , Layout .. .

Is the best and a very user friendly tool

There are many each with own + and -. the easiest and most intutive i felt is Protel. There is a free Dos version available on net.



I used to use easypc for DOS, just easy and good.
I tried the new eaypc demo for windows I think it is the best,
but maybe the libraries need enhancements.

Bye. :lol: :lol:

Re: PCB tool

Humungus said:
What's the best PCB tool?
Mentor wg
Mentor powerpcb
or Cadence Allegro

Dear Everybody

I Have use WG and Cadence, both are very good but, i like WG, it seem the Autoactive RE of WG better than Spectra 10.2, just my opinion, depend on U.


Always the same question, never the right answer, cos never the right question. Just lots of space for people to spam useless response.

What is the right PCB tool for your intented use would be better question, but you do not let us know that information.

:idea: :idea: Would any of the users who offered a response of 'xxxx is best' care to compile a review of the tools you recomend or use, no more that 1000 words, so we can post it here for all members?

Best would be to provide details of the workflow from design entry, verification, simulation [optional] to layout, then production of fabrication info & docs with times to complete each cycle. Simulation would be optional. You should also attach the design files.

All designs must use same schematic as entry, so all usesr must make new SCH and library parts so all entry is equal :p

For students, you might even get credits on your course work for this type of thing. If you have time with mid terms etc.

Perhaps we could have a small competition using polls. Gulson could perhaps donate xxx points to be shared between those peoples who are willing to give their time to participate.

This would be a much more usefull activity then just saying 'xxx is best' without giving any real reason., dont you think?

All people who are interested to participate should respond in new topic Looking For Authors .... in PCB Design & Simulation section

I will lock this topic now :wink:


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