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what's a good program for drawing digital electronic schemat

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On 2002-04-29 05:56, stanleyh wrote:
thanks for any help on this :smile:

There was lots of discussion this for the past few weeks .... :wink:

Here is a thread with the same topic:
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Any program for pcb can do that.
But, the best program is one who you know to work with. So, everybody likes program which know best, you should pick one and learn to use (all programs are very similar).

Best regards.

I think Protel and Orcad are very goog electronic design programs.

Try, with Orcad, Protel.
I use them very often, they are very easy to use.

You can purchase eval versions of them in their web pages

If you work needs simple circuits then use Tango. Its very easy to use.


I think multisim is good and very simple


I think ORCAD 9.1 or EAGLE are the best and easyest layout programms
you can work with

you can try Altera MAXPluse E10
it's very easy also it has a good simulation tools
you can download it from altera site :wink:

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I also suggest You to use Tango if you build "easy" boards, if you need a professional program use Protel

rixxy said:
you can try @ltera MAXPluse E10
it's very easy also it has a good simulation tools
you can download it from @ltera site but u can to search for its cr@ck :wink:

Hi rixxy!

Not a word about @lter@ in this forum. Please read the rules in Announcement-section.

PCB Tools

I suppose that the most convenient and full program for these purposes - ACCEL EDA v.15 ( PCAD 2000 ). PCAD 2001 still has mistakes.

If you want only schematics and no pcb design; check innoveda powerlogic or ewb multisim, the last one is bigger but it also includes a simulator. I you want pcb layout as well go for innoveda powerpcbsuite 4.01, it lacks simulation but apart from that it is great! :evil:

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