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What would be the price of chip with 400,000 gates(ASIC)?

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Dec 2, 2001
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I have a chip that I estimate it needs about 400,000 gates. I would like to implement it in an ASIC. But I need to do it real cheap. As cheap as possible. I do not mind using gate array. I also have never done this so could someone give price estimates. Like NRE costs, etc. for low production ASIC or Gate Array. So far the cheapest Gate Array I know of was with a little over $40k on the NRE, and the chips were okay priced at something like 2-4 dollars for low quatities. Also, if anyone knows of any financial backing I could get.

I have a chip that I estimate it needs about 400,000 gates. I would like to implement it in an ASIC. But I need to do it real cheap. t.

It depends on the volume. For a few chips
go with XILINX Virtex FPGA. If you need
more than 1000, go ASIC.

It really depend on what kind of ASIC you need! However, a 400k gate count doesn't looks like simple one.

For little quantity , go to find some FPGA from A@l?t*e@r?a , Xilinx, ... It will cost US$50-100 each. Or you can go for mask version of FPGA from the company above, but that chip only good for general purpose (high power consumption, noise, ....).

If your require more than few hundred, I suggest you can go to find a design house. The implement cost from US$50K-200K depends on your design. Then each chip will cost US$1-2 only .

Usually, if a ASIC with 400k gate. I suggest you go to for a design house for implement and production. That is easy and time save.

What kind of speed/ Clock rate?
Does it has RAM, ROM, or special block?

You may check ChipExpress for small quantity

You may look at this site

For financial backup possibility, you have to give people some details on what idea you are going to implement and what location you are situated right now. If you are in HK,as kwkam and I, you would probably go for a government funding called Innovative and Technology Fund. Anyway, just in case, you could PM me and I may be able to better suggest you.


you can use the A@l?t*e@r?a or Xilinx FPGA to implement your asic , but it is expensive

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