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what other software tools can sombody use except cadence?

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Aug 21, 2009
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As far as I know, we can use Labview and Spice for schematics. Are there any other program tool used? Labview is only for schematics or both schematic analysis and layout?
What is your opinion about Magic? This one, is it only about layouts? which is better?

Re: what other software tools can sombody use except cadence

There are many EDA tools available in the market for analog design and layout these days. It depends on your requirement, like whether you are looking for low cost ( or open-source) tools. The trade - off is ease of use, number of transistors they can handle and accuracy of simulation.
Some of the open-source tools (simulators) are
1. SpiceOpus
you have to write spice netlist and simulate using spiceopus. Its quite accurate can handle large complex circuits too. It has a waveform viewer but not as good as cadence.

2. LT Spice
Open-source tool. Good for beginners and small circuits. It has schematic editor, simulator and w/f viewer.

3. Xcircuit
Open-source linux based schematic capture tool

Open-source linux based waveform viewer tool

Open-source layout editor. Very good for beginners

There are some other paid tools which cost much lesser than Cadence.
1. HSPICE, Cosmosscope (Synopsys)
Very powerful simulator and waveform viewer tool, but not sure about their schematic editor.

2. Tanner
Windows based schematic-editor, simulator, waveform viewer, Layout editor. Quite good.

3.FINESIM (Magma)
Very good tool for running long simulations (especially batch mode top-level simulations). It runs simulations in half the time what spectre takes, with same accuracy as spectre.

Hope this list helps...


I have used Silvaco (SimuCAD) tools, they have come
a pretty long way over the last several years to the point
that you can do full front-back IC tapeouts. They have
demonstrated a pretty good ability to "suck in" foundry
PDKs for other tool sets and build good replicas.

The issue is, what does your target foundry support?
If they insist on running your mask data through a Cadence
verification, but you don't have their rules running in your
tool set, expect to be unhappy just when you thought
you were done.

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