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what is the most popular ucontroller?

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Jun 19, 2001
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I saw the h8s is the second most popular? what is the first?

I think 8051 is the most popular.

i know that the c84 is and for the duration is the most popular and widley used

by any smartcard vendor

its basicaly a c509 that this card contains


I think 68HC11 and the 8051 are the most popular 8 bit micros. These chips are covered in engineering courses of many universities and many engineers implement designs around these chips in the industry thereafter.

Tools and info for these micros are widely and freely available too.


Motorola is number one in micro sales.
Arizona Microchip is number 2.

Real Data uC Market '2000:


Motorola 30%
Infineon 15%
ST 14%
Philips 9%
Microchip 7%
NEC 7%
TI 4%
Atmel 4%
Hitachi 2%
Mutsubishi 2%
Others 7%


Infineon 25%
Hitachi 19%
Mutsubishi 11%
TI 9%
Motorola 8%
NEC 5%
Fujitsu 5%
Intel 4%
ST 3%
Others 11%

In my country, and my experience:

firts Motorola
Second 8051
Third Microchip
fourth Atmel
fifth National (cops)

In my country (Brazil), Microchip PIC is certainly the most pupular uC, but I think (I'm not sure) that Motorola is the first on other countries because of the cell phones, to use in their own equipments.



in australia, microchip pic´s are the most popular uC´s (small instruction set makes even assembler easy to control but unconvinient)

in europe , 8051 derivates are very widespread

see ya


the lase market not real it not contain asian market !

only atmel sales over 1,000,000 mcu (8051 based) in last year !
this great shopping of cpu based device in asia

Maybe you should ask what is the easiest to get into and use for the avarage electronics hacker? Then PIC would be hard to beat!
Mplab is a free download, Hi-Tech c is a good compiler, you can find programmers on the web that use a couple of diodes and the printer port, the instruction set is 33 instructions long, give or take a couple.
They come with onboard rf transmitters, A/D, timers, pwm, lcd drivers, usb interfaces, uarts, the list goes on and on.
You name it, some-bodies done it with a pic, and the code is in an application note on the web site.
I rest my case!

In all the list showed above it`s probably based on sales qty by vendor. But don`t forget that the 8051 is one of the few microcontrollers made by multiple vendors :
MAybe if you add their 8051 sales together it will beat the rest :smile:

I think there are used so many 8051 in applikations that you even can buy it in 10 year´s


If I am not wrong (sleeping thru the lecture), PIC is used is in every mouse in the world.

On 2002-03-01 04:37, riz_aj wrote:

If I am not wrong (sleeping thru the lecture), PIC is used is in every mouse in the world.

I think 8051 will be popular not less than 10 years. It is simple and where are many available ASM and C compilers.
(I didn't see PIC in the mouse)

I think that 8051 it's the most popular. The strong point of 8051 it is that is produce by so many companies and in so big variety that is unmatched by any other 8 bit MCU.

depends on the market segment.

For industrial it is Motorola and Philips

For consumer it is PIC and NEC.

In my country (turkey),
first 8051 and derivates
second Pic uc (pic16f84,pic16c508)
third Atmel AVR (8515)

On 2001-10-16 18:08, ahgu wrote:
I saw the h8s is the second most popular? what is the first?
I think the best is the AVR is the best price-performance-consumtion on the market. It's very easy to programm (no banks in memory like a PIC), automatic interruption managment and a big choice for programm memory. It accept ISP programing and JTAG debugging on new products. A good choice.


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