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What is the difference of a crystal and a resonator?

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Oct 21, 2005
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resonator accuracy

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

different of crystal resonator

The main difference is the accuracy:
Crystals have a small tolerance (30 to 50 ppm) and resonators around 1% of the nominal frequency.
Resonators usually do not need capacitors to work in a oscillator (the three terminal package, the two terminal package needs).
If I am not wrong, crystals have less thermal deviation also.


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ceramic resonator circuit

Ceramic resonators are made of high-stability piezoelectric ceramics, generally lead zirconium titanate (PZT) which functions as a mechanical resonator. When voltage is applied, its piezoelectric "vibration behavior" causes an oscillating signal. The thickness of the ceramic substrate determines the resonance frequency of the device.

A ceramic resonator is often used in place of quartz crystals as a reference clock or signal generator in electronic circuitry because of its lower cost and smaller size. It is used on circuits where frequency specifications aren't highly critical (quartz has a 0.001% frequency tolerance, while PZT has a 0.5% tolerance).


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crystals resonators difference

Accuracy is one point.
The capacitors working with both crystal and resonator is different too.

how different crystal and resonator

funnynypd said:
Accuracy is one point.
The capacitors working with both crystal and resonator is different too.
accuracy is the main diff

crystal inplace of resonator

A crystal is one specific kind of resonator made from quartz. However not all resonators are crystals, there are for example ceramic and mechanical resonators.


generators with quartz resonators

svicent are right.
Another point is the (ceramic) resonator is cheaper than crystal, so it is very useful in any circuit which is not critical to frequency accuracy/drift.

Some 3-pin resonators come with the built-in capacitors so they are very easy to be used to build a compact circuit.

difference crystal resonator

Hi Guys,

Any inputs on the applications side..I mean like we can use quartz crytals anywhere around 300-400MHz... what about resonators...I mean which fellow can be used for highier frequencies..??


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