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What is the Difference Btn I2c and Serial communication

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Jan 22, 2007
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i2c is which type of communication?

Hi all,

Can i know what is the Major Difference between I2c and Serial communication. actually both protocols transmitting the data - bit by bit . In serial communication where is the toggling of clock occurring . At what maximum speed does I2c works without dataloss.


whats faster i2c or serial?

I2C is one of several type of serial communication. There are: SPI, QSPI, Microwire, Maxim's 1-wire, for inter component serial communication or UART type like RS232, USB, Modbus, Ethernet, and so many more for inter system communication.

Depending from the device spec, I2C can communicate up to 40MHz or even more.

qspi i2c difference

I just wanted to add one more point to what Rikie has put.
I2C is two wire bus with one clock line (driven by master device) and the other data line (bidirectional)

difference between serial and i2c

I2C is a 2 wired serial bus. Its maximum bandwidth is 0.1 Mbaud/s.

max speed i2c clock

The main difference is that I2C devices can be connected in the I2C network, like in CAN unlike other peer-to-peer serial comms (UART,SPI,USB...)

you can achieve a max speed of 400 kps in i2c. Although there is a more faster version of i2c which is being evolved...

i wanna ask tht if i implement an I2C master controller in FPGA with VHDL, how can i determine the speed of the whole thing ??
On wht factors will it depend upon ?? Wil the designing of i2c slave be factor ???

I think all the friends have already given you answer, I would like to add in simple way that communication of RTC is slower than serial communication. In serial communication you have Rx and Tx on different wires but in RTC you have one wire for both Rx and Tx while the other wire is for clocking or toggling.

In serial communication where is the toggling of clock occurring

The clock is implied. Both both devices "know" how fast it's supposed to go.

At what maximum speed does I2c works without dataloss

That depends on a lot of things. IIC was designed for several chips in the same device to communicate with each other. The range is fairly short because the power use is low. If you want to use it over long cables, you'll probably have to decrease the speed to allow for parasitic capacitance. 100 or 400 kbps is not the hardline limit, only what was engineered into it. You can go faster if you like, but the available hardware is not guaranteed to work with it.


In serial communication (Rs232, RS485 etc.) the data transmission will be in asynchronous format. It can communicate in different buad rates. There should be some error checking methods used for ensuring the accuracy of the received data. It can be used for medium (15ft. RS232) or long (1.2KM RS485) distance communications.
In contrast, the I2C is a synchronous communication protocol invented by Phillips. The specification can be obtained from Phillips website. This protocol is mainly used for small distance(less than 1ft.) applications. It uses only 2 lines called sda & scl. Please refer the I2C specification for complete details.



I2c means ' Inter Integrated Circuit ' communication...

Serial means just to transfer data serially... Serial transfer can be synchronous or asynchronous ... but I2C always have serial clock line... hence it is always synchronous...



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