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What is the difference between the design of Digital ICs (Backend) and analog ICs?

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Sep 3, 2007
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What is the difference between the design of Digital ICs (Backend design) and analog IC ? In fact the same tools are used and i do not understand what make the difference.
Thanks in advance.

Backend & analog

Hi Master,

Digital IC backend consists of P&R also, regarding circuit design of digital ICs (std cells) and analog circuits we will almost use same tools but issues we deal with are different as analog design requires more specifications.

Re: Backend & analog

digital backend is working with always standard library from fab and don't need to care about how the standard cell is working internally. analog design have to look into the detail circuit down to MOS tube

For example, design standard cell is a analog job and use these cells is kind of digital job

Backend & analog

This reminds us that digital is an abstraction of analog.

Re: Backend & analog

Digital design mostly follows top to bottom design approach.
System spec ----> Architecture level / behavioral design ----> RTL design--->Transistor level design.
also mostly semi custom approach is used for digital,in which library includes already designed and optimized blocks.
Where as Analog design the approach is bottom to top. It is always a full custom design, becoz specification meet in analog is difficult as compared to digital.
Thus there is not any specific tool or design library for good analog design.
Now there are some tools which follows top to bottom approach.This tool is AHDL
analog Hardware Description Lang.

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