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What is the best Linux distro!

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Jul 20, 2001
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I had Red Hat 7.0, wasn't that good, they quickly brought out 7.1, 7.2!
Looking at Suse 8.0, what do you think?

I run 7.1 and 7.2 Redhat and they are very nice. I read about SUSE8.0 pro (8 cds) and it look also very nice, specialy the install should be very easy, hopefully you only have to do it one time ;-)
While on my redhat I have to do it 3 times to get it prober setup, at that time I was a LINUX novice BUT now I 'm in the light ....

Linux distro.

Please, visit

The last version is 3.0r0 (19-july-2002).

Bye 8)

Linux distributions


Suse 80 proffesional is the best one
long time ago i was working with rh52 62 and 72

i dont feel confortable and i´m desagree with red hat 72

i tested suse 72 and afterwards 80 professional and i´m very happy
with that distribution

You can get a beta release of Redhat's "Null" release.
(It will be either RH 7.4 or 8.0, no one knows for sure

It looks very nice, with updated gcc compilers and
gnome 2.0, among other new features.

Don't bother with the beta (it's still buggy), but if you
can wait a month or so it should be released.


Well, I just ordered Suse 8.0 from grey matter for £51!!
Hope it's cool.
I also just won a prize , a Metroworks Codewarrior Blood Sweat and Code T shirt in a grey matter competition. I was hoping for £100,000.
Still, nice T shirt.


Not Suse 8)

I'm using Gentoo (, it's a source based distro. This means that everything is compiled from scratch (so no rpm's here) The strength of the distro is the Portage system. If you need a package (let's say gnome) you just ask portage to "emerge" it. Portage will then hunt down all the dependencies (for example: X would be handy :)) All within one command :) "emerge gnome" and you're done :) The disadvantage: installing a system with X and KDE running takes up one day... But once installed it's blazing fast (compiled from source, optimized for your system)

IMHO it's the best way to learn Linux: you have to edit everything by hand, no fancy tools or configuration apps needed. Just vi and some config files :)

More info on distrowatch (

BTW: the 1.4 version has entered the RC stage --> completely based on GCC 3.2 8)

The best linux distro is the one you use more confortably.

I use Mandrake, and where I work we are mostly replacing $MS*Windows$ with Mandrake. Mandrake does have some gizmos to ease the life of the everyday user and of the administrator. I tend to be much sensible to those. The upgrade system is also easy and straightforward.

I have heard the same from SUSE, and of the latest distributions of Redhat. So I urge any of you to get whatever your closest friends have when learning. Once the linux desktop is apreended, then you may change to Gentoo, Debian, Slackware, whatever.

I wish the topics were more on EDA on Linux or programming on Linux, and not on Linux itself, though.


Well Cleotis, you sound like one hard ass linux freak, I allready paid for Suse 8.0 Pro, so I'll see how it is.
I've got Kylix, Delphi and Builder for linux, should be fun.

Hardass 8) Hardly :)

Suse is a good choice though :) And you support the Linux community by purchasing a distro, and that's always a good thing!

Linux is not that difficult, it's just different. The only way to learn is to stick with it for a couple of months. Most of the software you are using on windoze exist on Linux, and if you don't find a Linux app: VMWare is you friend! (

JBuilder is good, but it's bloated. Try Eclipse ( has rougly the same functions as JBuilder (but better imho) and it's free :) For the UML part: Together Control Center 6.0 (**broken link removed**) rules :) (and the *demo* is easily *adapted* :p)

Delphi = Kylix btw ;) (Kylix is the Linux version of Delphi) Haven't tried that, yet :p

I have try several of them.

I agree there are 2 candidates.

SuSE 8.0 Professional
RedHat 2.1 Advanced Server....

Come on ppl this is EDA forum only! Discussion regarding different Linux distributions is off topic- a lot of different forums to discuss this topic. :roll:
Anyway- topic is locked.

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