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What is a CAM and gerber file for PCB manufacture

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Apr 17, 2011
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What does a gerber file contain? I consider that it is a generic file format produced by all PCB development softwares and has not been superseded yet.

What is a CAM file then? What is the relationship between the two?

The Gerber file contain a description of the PCB.
The description of the PCB for different layers are included separately.
(copper layers, soldeer mask. drilling...)

CAM is for manufacturing.
In simple form , CAM reads Gerberfile and gives command for each layer of the pcb to the machine.

A CAM has more features added for cost effective manufacturing also.
IN PCB , CAM requires Gerber file for making PCB.

CAM stands for computer aided manufacture.....
Gerber data only provides the artwork data for a PCB you also need to provide excellon data for the drilling information (Excellon is the most commonly used format).
Gerber data is similar to NC and plotter coding, its consists of instructions to draw paths (routes) of flash pads to create the desired artwork master for a particular PCB layer.

Gerber has been superseded by ODB++

So CAM is not name of any file type here. It means that gerber files are used for CAM?

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You also need excellon drill data with Gerber data to read into a CAM system, use ODB++ instead its a newer and much better way of transmitting information....

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