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What does GFSK stand for?

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gfsk used in bluetooth

Do You mean GMSK?


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gfsk frequecy bandwidth

Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) is the modulation used by DECT, bluetooth and z-wave devices. In GFSK binary 1 is represented by a positive frequency deviation from the carrier frequency, and a binary 0 is represented by a negative deviation. For bluetooth the minimum deviation is 115 kHz.

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gfsk bandwidth


GFSK is very much like 'FSK' (frequency shift keying). Except that in GFSK, the baseband signal is passed though a 'gaussian filter' before it modulates the carrier, which reduces its bandwith (effectively, rounding off the edges :D ). Gaussian filters are not simply 'low-pass filters', but have a specific impulse response. Google it.

Because the bandwidth of the baseband is reduced, not only does this reduce the RF bandwidth needed for a low 'bit-error-ratio' but also means, wider bandwidth baseband signals will become less distorted, allowing better syncronisation at the Rx.

It is used in Bluetooth (1.0 and 1.1), Old DECT, and GSM (second generation).


bandwidth gfsk signal

the basic theory may be not so hard to understand, taking some circuits for example maybe better.i am a new guy in this communication there are so many question for me.

best wishes

frequency deviation gfsk


I'm looking for a matlab simulation for the GFSK mod/demod. Please if you have done something like that please send it to me.


gfsk frequency deviation

look in prokies book

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