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what component could replace this?

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Aug 1, 2009
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I want to know what component had the same or similar charateristics as a OP295. I looked at the data sheets of many but could not find one. Can someone help?

A photo of the component will help better sugesions. Good luck

Hi, thanks i'll try to attach the datasheet

Try LM358 or LM158 with similar charateristics as OP295 and LM324 or LM124 or with similar charateristics of OP495. Good luck


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It looks like a generic enough dual op amp, whether a
particular one suits you really comes down to details.
Two points they brag about are rail-rail output, and
stability w/ large load capacitances. Do you need to
swing to the rails? If the output will remain somewhere
near center (which is a good idea, even rail-rail op amps
tend to see some gain loss and higher Vio when pushed
very near the rails) then an older, cheaper one may do.

You should look at the application and list the output
swing required, any particular concern with input bias
current (bipolar input stage), and so on. It's not for us to
say, what matters in the bigger picture and this particular
op amp may have been selected for purpose, or just


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Thanks. It looks like it could work. Ill give it a try.

I also wanted to know if instead of a 100k trimpot, I could use a normal 100k potentiometer and if so, would it matter where I connected it. The trimpot has middle to ground. I'm not sure if it matters where i connect the input and output on the trimmer. in the other potentiometer, the information on the net says that terminal 1 is ground, 2 is output and 3 is input.

As a first point, OP295 is still in production and on stock at many catalog distributors, so if you don't know the exact application requirements, you may want to use the original part.

There are of course some OPs with similar specs and many that are similar in several parameters but different in some. In my opinion, it's not meaningful to suggest a replacement without knowing the target circuit.

LM358 is actually different in almost any parameter, except supply voltage range. Not surprizing, because it's about a tenth in price.

Regarding potentiometers or trimpots, the part itself hasn't in-, output or ground pins, just CCW(counter clock wise) CW (clock wise) and CT (center) respectively wiper pin. Their connection is different dependending on the particular application circuit.

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