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What are all the customer requirements for a chip?

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Feb 2, 2012
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Hi,Can any one tell me that what are all the customer requirments in making a chip?

Re: customer requirments

I think It is depend on the customer that you are targeting -

But the general answer for your question will be - Logical and functional requirement of your customer and cost of chip that the customer is intended to get...

Good Luck
Re: customer requirments

thx for your reply,Can you briefly explain Logical and functional requirments?

Re: customer requirments

Ok let consider very simple example that your customer want to have Display module with 4 seven segment displays then your chip will require to have at least 7 output Data display pins and 4 output control pins.... So this is one of the type of functional requirement .... now logic requirement your need to have a logic facility of making these 7 Data Pins 1 or zero based on number send ....similarly you need to have logic faciltiy to make 4 control pins 1 and 0 also you need have timer to time the switching the pins...

This is bare minimum requirement ....

Good Luck
Re: customer requirments

Hi tyuga454,

That is the very basic question. Costumer's requirement depends on their projects, but in general following things are generally considered:
* Cost of chip.
* Area required to fabricate the chip.
* power requirement.
* Speed.
* Operating Temparature.

Generally, cheap chip, with minimum area, low power requirement, max. speed and wide operating temperature are always desirable. However you cannot achieve all this specifications at a time. there always exist a Trade-off, for ex. if u want high speed,u cannot get low power. If u want low power, u have to compromise with the speed. There are several other parameters where trade-off exists.

So, in a nutshell it always depend on the specific requirement of the chip, depending on which the design is finalized. However designers always try to optimize their design considering all the factors.
Re: customer requirments

Hi,Can any one tell me that what are all the customer requirments in making a chip?

I hope so that this is not some test for tetrachromate. :smile:

Fist, question is not precise and require wide answer, but we can give short. We dont know which customer and what are their needs. Often this is based on needs/price.

But can be :

1. Function and purpose of that IC and IC capabilities to support some standards.
2. Easy implementation/programming/compatibility.
3. Temp range/case protection/case variant/dimesions.
4. Speed/reliability/power consuption
5. Price

Best example of all of this is exibitionism in mobile phone area.
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