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What about my position

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Aug 19, 2007
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Dear friends,

My aim is to built my career in VLSI, for that i have learnt all the needed things in VLSI like

HDL, STA,Floorplan,partition,CTS, PnR,DFT etc etc.... all to an entry level.

But when i post my resume for a job the company ask for a particular field.

(If i say i know DC they say r u familair with magma tool, loke this)

how to overcome this problem.

pls help me in giving suggestion in this regard


Try to find an appropriate entry level position, but that would not be easy.

i feel u should concentrate on any one field in whcih you are "comfortable" compared to other fields. As you kmow VLSI domain is very vast and industry requires expertise in each and every field. Even there is an opening companies won't recruit unless they find suiatble candidate. (this is not the case with software ).... so be proud of what u know....make up your mind..... study further and deeper...!

Entering into VLSI job in Frontend easy compared to Backend. Prove your self as Front end engineer. You need to show your skills in verification and HDL coding . Then you will get job. Once you get job , u can switch to BE by showing your skills and intersts to your management.

Best of luck..


I would suggest master one thing, may be HDL. Show off that you are competent with it. On that basis you can may be convince the interviewer that given an opportunity, you can do whatever is asked off you in the same way as you have done your 'mastered topic'. Remember having mastered some thing gives a very positive impact, thats how I got into vlsi.

Dear friends,

Thanks a lot and lot for giving me confidence. I am about all the time in

studying VLSI in deeper and deeper evne it has come to an limit since i am studying myself without guidance.
Let me try m best.


Added after 7 minutes:

Dear avmit,

What you are saying is absoultely true. But when i joined for a course by paying lot sum , they had two option BE and FE. But i made myself to know both, also no institute offers masters in a particular field of VLSI. Just as eye wash they learn us something

Of course therotically we can become perfect in a particular field but partically not possible since lack of tools. But comapany needs partical , there is where is my problem.


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