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We Don't not Live to Make PCBs, We Make PCBs to Live…. www.circuit-mart.com

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Apr 18, 2011
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We Don't Live to Make PCBs, We Make PCBs to Live…. www.circuit-mart.com

I have been in PCB related field for nine years, I was young when I joined a subsidiary of then Legend and now LENOVO, and I still remember Name change matter of LENOVO, we removed the former LEGEND, and put up a new one: That is LENOVO. It occurred in roughly 2003 or so. It is in that year we are unfortunately caught by SARS, and we were ordered to stay in plant area for a whole month to avoid contagion.
At that time, when we make boards, the normal standard were QS9000, ISO14000, and the fabrication process normally followed IPC-6012, the acceptance standard follows IPC-6012-F to most overseas clients. For customer from Europe, we use PERFEG-3C as normal standard, nowadays IPC-A-600 F has been revised to IPC-A-600G… How time flies! I still remember we also use Japanese standard for FUJITSU, MATSUSHITA, TOSHIBA, and US MIL standards for boards with strict requirements. You see, we have so many Japanese clients and I even acted as translator of Japanese for technical matters. I met lots of overseas clients, but none of them, regarding the attitude and principle of working, could be better than that of Japanese clients.
But now they encountered natural disaster-the earthquake…. And eventually they threw away nuclear polluted water into the Giant Big Sea. How much tons of the water? Is it really that much as reported by Japanese government? They did it first and then informed international world later. When such a government did such a Sxxx job, Which government of the world could be trusted? Nearly 10 years past since my fist PCB related position, Is the world becoming better? Or worse? Could every one of us work together to make it better? Have I made boards for weapons or similar purpose ? I always think about this point. If we could not avoid such purpose Board, make it ROHS, make it more economical….

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