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WDM simulation tool???

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Apr 4, 2003
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Hi all,

I was assigned a project in which I have to evaluate the impact of optical filering on signal quality when it propagates through a WDM system (at 10Gb/s or 40Gb/s). Can I carry out this simulation in Matlab?

Or do some-one know a software tool (free or education version available with limited functions) which help us simulating a WDM transmission systems with built-in customizable elements such as (OADM, optical filter, etc.)?

Hope this can help you:

MatPlanWDM tool is an educational network planning tool for wavelength-routing WDM networks. It includes a set of heuristic algorithms for solving the virtual topology design, and the routing and grooming of traffic flows on top of it. In addition, an implementation of the linear mixed-integer programming problem to obtain the optimal solution of the complete design is included for comparison. The input parameters to the planning problem are the network physical topology, the traffic matrix, and technological constraints like the number of transmitters, receivers, optical converters and wavelengths available. The tool is implemented as a MATLAB toolbox. The set of heuristic algorithms can be easily extended. A graphical interface is provided to plot the results obtained from different heuristics and compare them with the optimal solution. The tool is being currently extended to support Impairment-Constrained Based Routing algorithms.

A README file is included describing the installation and execution process.

This tool is part of two final Diploma-Thesis works for the degree of
Telecommunicatins Engineering, presented in September and October 2006 in
the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena: "Herramienta MatPlanWDM para
optimización en redes de conmutación de lightpaths" of Gonzalo J. Moreno
Muñoz, and "Optimización en redes WDM de conmutación de lightpaths mediante
modelos de programación lineal entera-mixta" of Ramón Aparicio Pardo. The
supervisor of both Diploma-Thesis works was Dr. Pablo Pavón Mariño, from the
Telematics Engineering Group in the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.

Department of Information Technologies and Communications
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, 2006-2007

download it from here:

or try this:

WDM Network Blocking Computation Toolbox

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