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waht is the latest research on Communication

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what is communication research?

what is the IDMA ??

new topic related tocommunication

can any one tell me the latest topics in antenna &propagation field

latest communication system topics for research

The latest research that is going on oc communication that is WiMAX,and SDR, WLAN

research paper related communication latest

And don't forget the coding technique like LDPC,

it is usful for MIMO/OFDM system. :D


wireless communication latest research

silawi said:
also W-USB (wireless USB) is hot topic...

can you pls mention some papers or discussions about this topic...??

seems to be an interesting thing... i'm already working in this area... but with RS232...

Hi I too think that UWB is a very much valuable research field at this moment, completely new way of communication and has a lot to offer in the future.

For W-USB (wireless USB) fan look at cypress website they are the creator of this technology


IDMA=interleaver division multiple access

i find OFDM as the hot topic for research which is going on

MIMO communications, cross-layer desin, space-time codes,

Industries are begining their work on the evolution of current 3G system. For example, WCDMA has its LTE(long-term-evolution) projects going on and CDMA2000 has UHDR(ultra-high-data-rate).

In all these projects, OFDM is applied in downlink. Regarding MIMO, proposals are there but industries seem to be skeptic about MIMO.

A good reference is seen in the special issue of IEEE Communiction Magine, Feb. 2006.

I think the latest research in field of Communication is about WiMAX............

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Personal Area Networks (PAN) are two of the hot topics.

Hi all friends.I hope someone can help me about chaotic communication.I am a master student and studying chaotic communication and its modulation techniques especially in Matlab.Please is there anybody here to give me ebook or something else.(maybe documents..)about Chaotic communication and modulation types such as (CSK,DCSK.... for Matlab).I will be pleased.And I really need. Thanks now..

Hi all;

please do not forget RFID and the collision problem of RFID.

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