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Voice Controlled Devices

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Apr 1, 2013
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Controlling Devices through voice

The project is Voice Controlled Devices. I have used Clicker2 for PIC32MX, Relay Click and SpeakUp Click from mikroElektronika. The cost of the project is 96 USD. SpeakUp Click is in Clicker2's 1st mikroBus Socket and Relay Click is in 2nd Socket. Two voice commands like Light and Fan have to be recorderd and stored in SpeakUp Click. Also SpeakUp Click Communication has to be set to 9600 baudrate.

When one Speaks Light (say) then Relay 1 turns ON and when he speaks it again the relay turns OFF. If heavy load has to be controlled then a contactors can be driven from the Relays.

I am posting the mikroC PRO PIC32 project used for the project. I have tested it in and it works fine. Now I am going to do another project where an additional mikroBus Shield with mikroSD Click and GSM3 Click modules will be used and the device can be controlled either by voice or SMS. I am doing this for Farmers.

- - - Updated - - -

These are the boards and modules used.

- - - Updated - - -

You can also use SpeakUp Click without Clicker2 and Relay Click. Instead you can connect the 12 IOx pins of SpeakUp Click to 12 relay interfacing circuits and control 12 devices with just SpeakUp Click. I am doing another version of Project and it is working fine in Proteus. I had connected SpeakUp Click to PC using TTL2USB adapter and used COMPIM in Proteus to communicate with PIC18F26K22. In that project I am going to control 8 devices (ON/OFF) and two Triacs for Traic Phase angel control for lights and fans.

A voice like Fan will toggle the Fan on and off and a voice like Fan Speed Up and Fan Speed down will increase or decrease the Triac firing angle. I am making a voice based switch board for blind people.


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Re: Controlling Devices through voice

There is was typo.

I had connected SpeakUp Click to PC using TTL2USB adapter and used COMPIM in Proteus to communicate with SpeakUp Click.

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