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Virtual serial port redirected to TCP/IP network ??

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Jun 26, 2001
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I am building 8xRS-232 -> Ethernet redirector, because I would like to connect my multimeters etc. to my computer via Ethernet.

Because I am not Windows driver programmer, I would like to find some software driver which allows me to create virtual serial ports on PC and redirect those ports at TCP/IP network.

Something like Serial/IP from Tactical Software.
Anyone knows where I can download something like this ?

lantronix redirector using vb6

WinDriver can be helpful, please search for WinDriver for the serial number and download.


Goo --> w* , look for ReMapPro, try it ( 60 min. run time).

Your Question


You'r looking for a TCP/IP-RS232-Bridge, I guess.

Have a look at this:

**broken link removed**

Search the Net with Keyword above (TCP.....). There are some other proposals also.



thx, this is exactly what I need. But for Windows, not for Linux :)

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There is an other hint for a Site with Source for Windows somewhere in latest elektroda posts. If i remember right, it was April or May.
There where two URL's, the above and a second one. You should have success to find it out.


I tried various searches, but without success.
Maybe the archives from April/May are not accessible from this mirror site.



I have found what you'r looking for.

It's a Win32 SerialProxy for TCP/IP
Uploading seems to be impossible. So I'll send the file with private mail.

You need VC6 to work with.

Please keep me update on your experience on this(across private mail),
because i have taken some considerations about this in the past.


There are programs available, which acts as COM client, which creates virtual serial ports on windows and connects using WinSock to the target. In your case your converter. The application running on Windows uses that virtual com port. The application has to be a windows application. Some DOS programs writes directly to the serial chip and those will not work. I did find one free client from the web.

xyz99002: do you know the name of the free application ? Or Web site ?

I think What are you trying to do is PPP/SLIP.

On Windows, you can set PPP on your Serial device and set Gateway to your LAN device or using NAT...

eYe: no, I am not trying to do PPP/SLIP. I need a driver which will redirect COM port (data, handshake lines atc.) to TCP/IP.
On the other side there will be a box with 8 RS-232 ports and LAN port. This box will listen on the LAN for packets from the PC and will convert them back to RS-232 signals.

So, any application which is normally running on PC and using COM ports can run and use those "remote" COM ports.

There are commercial units which do exactly this. They have 1, 2, 4, 8 RS-232 ports.
I am building my own unit and I need a PC Windows driver for it.

Hi CADDevil,

Can You give some reference about commercial units?

I'm interested to use one of this units.



check MOXA company Nport products.

I see,
I have never heard about the commercial box before.
But my two ideas are

1. make application/driver to read/write RS232 data then add TCP/IP or UDP and send out.
You don't need to write driver. Application is also enough. Using VB or Delphi, you can gaet PORTIO DLL from many sites. and then use TCP/IP or UDP ActiveX
The other side can do the same thing with PC or UC device also.

2. I am using one product called SitePlayer. It is UC websever with Ethernet 10MB/S, Serial and A/D IO Pins. I think this may give you an idea. It is cheap price 29$.
You may write http code to send data over Internet.

go to w*w* ,and download redirect software.

hi caddevil,
it seems i could help you on your problem, your problem seems to me as, u have a serial to ethernet converter and data is trnsmitting through ethernet. on the otherside u have the conventional tools working on rs232 but data is geting only through ethernet. its solution is u need to create a vcomm client for serial emulation in 98 ~95, in 2k nt clones u need to create a virtual serial driver and data could receive and send through ndis by a tdi client. for both platforms u need to write seperate drivers for ur application and its a bit time consuming work, u can contact me for ur any doubts


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