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vibration sensor circuit

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Jun 21, 2015
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Hi there,

I'm fairly new to electronics, just wondering if someone could offer some advice for a suitable circuit diagram for the following micro vibration sensor :-

All I need is for an LED and buzzer, powered by a 9v battery, to sound when vibration is sensed. I have looked at some simple circuit diagrams for similar circuits, but I'm unsure as to whether different resistors would be needed for this sensor.

Thanks in advance.

$1 electret mic will do the job with C coupled to diode clamp to ground, then comparator just above ground reference with some 10% ~30% hysteresis will produce logic pulse or similar circuit.

The trick is to prevent acoustic feedback of buzzer from entering mic and latching trigger input by baffles and adhere mic to vibrating surface. A pot and perhaps variable gain Op Amp, will be needed since you have not defined any thresholds.

A microphone isn't exactly a vibration sensor, e.g. suitable to detect if a device has been moved. But may be it can work for the applicaton with a respective low-pass filter.

I see a problem with the sensolute sensor that it doesn't have a defined inoperational state. The contact may be either opne or closed depending on the sensor position. It neither has a defined threshold. I would prefer spring loaded vibration sensors like those offered by

A detection electronic for the sensor must be aware of open or closed initial state and detect any change. According to the datasheet, minimal operation current is 0.2 µA. For a low power circuit, the sensor can be connected with a high ohmic resistor (5 - 20 Mohm) to the battery and the voltage sensed with a CMOS gate or MOSFET. See the application note in the link.

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