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monopole + hfss

Pifa design


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examples for good collection

Hi, every body, I downloaded and resized it and now you can download it easy, enjoy it!

download hfss


Added after 14 minutes:

Can anyone help me with the design of a triangular planar monopole in hfss. Since i have an older version of hfss(not hfss 10), I m not able to open the files. Can some one post the model images for these 2 files and also the important points regarding the excitations and boudary.

parany.hfss and triangle.hfss

symetrie hfss

plz can any body tell :cry:me about how to design a simple antenna using maylab.
plz its very urgent.

download hfss10

can any1 tell me how to design a circulator in HFSS

magic tee+hfss

good examples. thanks

projects based on hfss

Does anybody have simulations of IFA (non-planarized?)


hfss debye model

Can anyone please send me any files regarding bow-tie design in hfss

tutorial circulator hfss

how 2 draw RADIATION box for microstrip patch antenna???
how to feed a coaxial fed microstrip patch antenna using HFSS 10

Thanks 4 all

copie de srr1 edaboard

Does anyone have an example of a Microstrip Patch Antenna with a Shorting-pin at 2.4 GHz????

magic tee hfss post

can any one post circulator in waveguide configuration?
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magic t hfss

can any one plz upload any example .hfss file, tutorial or pdf file of Patch Array Antenna or Microstrip Array Antenna.

i dont know how to start with...

very good collection.

Thanks a lot,

these projects are very useful to me (

planar circulator hfss

any one have hfss files for metamaterial

hfss magnetron

Thanks!Currently learning the software...really need lots of examples in order to understand it..


I have utilised it in a fruitful way

hfss simulation projects

for metamaterial, CST 2008 has material definition with dispersive Debye, Drude and Lorantz models in HFSS this types of media could not define

bowtie antenna hfss

Sorry, but i think a lot of your projects are useless. Specially your boundaries-settings.
And one question: why you call one project Lumped ports and model your microstripline with wave ports?

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