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using serial port with pic

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Jan 17, 2005
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i want to connect pic to serial port on pc where can i find a good explaintion for that ?

pic have many ports and interfaces you can connect.

it's simple :
1. Connect MAX232 transceiver from pic to PC port (5V to 12V levels), see datasheet for connection :
**broken link removed**

2. Write soft for RS232 port on PIC , see this links :
Example of projects :

and of course find appnotes from site Good Luck.

Hi bader....

Well, the first of all is that you undestand the protocol of a serial asynchronous comunication, then, know the electric levels of the signals and the circuits that converts TTL logic to RS232 logic (0(space) & 5V(mark) in TTL, and (+3v to +12V) for space or zero logic & (-3v to -12v) for mark or 1 logic).

The most common circuit that convert that levels is the MAX232, i belive that you can find it everywhere, and it ots very simple to use...

Anothe rthing that you must study it is about using the serial port on a PC. you can try with th hyper terminal, but also can try with visual basic for undesrstanding it, it has a control OCX named MSComm that does a lot of work for that. Also, ther is another option more reliable for education purposes, its MATLAB, you can manipulate the serial port in a Ultra easy way to understand it, and the help files explain you a lot of info that you would migth require...

Then, well, its time for the PIC, some pics have an UART hardaware which can help you to develop a better comm system, but, you can also implement the UART by software, if you already program PICS in assembler, once you understando all the info about the serial protocol, the program of the pic would be insignificant, you only have to take care about the time...

well, i'll going to seek a routine in assembler for it and post it if i found it... Good luck any way...:D

forgive me if i make some gramatical fault, i barely speak english, but i'm doing my best, my fellows...
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