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Use chipscope to capture some signals from my FPGA

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Dec 6, 2002
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Hey,everybody,i'm suffering by useing chipscope ,would you like to
show me some suggestions with my appreciation!

my enviorment:
1,fpga :virtexII xc2v3000
2,eda tool: ise5.1
3,chipscope :4.1i or 5.2

I want to use chipscope to capture some signals from my fpga,
but i cannot configure fpga with chipscope corretly,the below
messages display :

configure failed,done pin is low!!!

i'm not sure the true reason,because i can configure fpga with impact
correctly(jtag mode),so the jtag chain interface should be ok,
Plus i got some information from xilinx website,that chipscope5.2pro is
designed to work with ise5.2,and chipscope5.1 is designed to work with
ise5.1,the same reason,so chipscope4.1 is designed to only work with
ise4.1????is it right?

For i have chipscope4.1 and chipscope5.2
and i have ise4.2 and ise5.1.

What your suggestion about compatibility between ise & chipscope???

Thanks a lot!!!!




Chipscope only works with the respective ISE version. If you have Ise 5.1 it only works with Chipscope 5.1 but not the other way. Get the proper version for ISE 5.2.



I do not know much about chipscope, but mabe you need a pullup on your "done" signal???, this can be done internaly to the FPGA I would think.
give me feedback please, I'm interested.

I recommand u check the circuit more carefully, I think maybe there were some wrong in the line connection.

Maybe your selected chip isn't enough larg for your design.

Chipscope version bug


If you don't belive me just read xilinx's website:

**broken link removed**

Family: Software
Product Line: FPGA Implementation
Part: ChipScope Pro
Version: 5.2i Record Number: 16875
Last Modified: 03/21/03 16:29:12
Status: Active
Problem Description:

Keywords: ChipScope, Pro, 5.2i, 5.1i, compatible, version

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After I install v5.2i software, my v5.1i software no longer works. How can I run both versions on the same machine?

Solution 1:

This incompatibility is a known issue and will be fixed in a new release of 5.1i ChipScope Pro. The new release is Release 4 of 5.1i ChipScope Pro, and it will be available soon at:
**broken link removed**

What probe are you using? Multilinx or Parallell? I suffered from a lot of similar troubles with multilinx. I had to retry a lot of times to get my devices configured. Changing to parallell probe and the same setup I succeed inmediatly.

sb is right, you have to get chipscope 5.1i to work along with your ISE 5.1i or upgrade your ISE to 5.2i. No other solutions. I'm wonder why there are so much unrealistic suggestion after sb's post?

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