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USB webcam, interfacing with ARM cortex m3 controller

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Jan 28, 2010
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I want to interface a USB web cam with cortex m3 controller
I have already arranged a USB OTG circuit on my project board
Is using plug and play camera a necessity so that I dont need camera specific drivers and will need only USB drivers ?
Do I need to load an OS on my microcontroller for using USB drivers ?
Where can I get the data format given out by webcam ?

Hi friends,

Sorry for posting in an old thread, however my question is exactly what was asked above.
I´m designing a system to share remotelly images acquired for a Webcam.

My first impulse was to choose an ARM CORTEX M4, in which could install an embbedded WINDOWS(CE) or LINUX.
However, I would appreciate to operate in a minimalist hardware platform, such as an ARM CORTEX M3.
( I suppose it is not so easy to run WIN or LINUX in an M3 as is in an M4 )

Does somebody could give to me seme advices regarding this task ?
I would appreciate to receive sugestions about demo application avalible at some M3 starter kit.


Hi sabouras,

Thanks for reply.

However, the use of webcam is a project requirement, due we will not depend on a sigle manufacturer of a not standardized part.
Note also that OV7670 module cost is almost $20, while a Webcam can be buyed for 1/10 of this price.


ok then you choose the hard way to do that because you need to implement the usb stack and interface with the web camera.

I research a lot on the web and didn´t find some application example source code.
Anybody else can provide some advice ?



I appreciate too much your effort to help, but I´m still expecting an example applied to Webcam.


See here for information on a Linux driver for a webcam.
You could try porting the Linux driver, but it may be an uphill struggle, since the Linux driver uses
different APIs.
For that reason I don't think it will be straightforward; there may be a lot of work involved. You'd need to
examine the driver code, hope that your webcam works with that driver code, and then re-implement
any Linux-specific hooks on your specific microcontroller.

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