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USB HOST for USB mouse

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Aug 10, 2012
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Dear all
I would like to interface USB mouse and USB barcode reader to my ATMEGA16 board. I need help for developing USB to RS232 converter for USB mouse and barcode reader.

Please help me.....
Atleast direct me in the proper direction.........
Thanks in advance.....

The MAX3421 is a good interfacing IC for this purpose, it's widely used as USB host controller and you'll probably find plenty of code snippets for it.
I wouldn't recommend FTDI anymore after the FTDIgate incident. I've used the FT232 a lot as USB to UART converter, but since FTDIgate I have more confidence in Microchip's MCP2200 reliability instead.

I wouldn't recommend FTDI anymore after the FTDIgate incident. I've used the FT232 a lot as USB to UART converter, but since FTDIgate I have more confidence in Microchip's MCP2200 reliability instead.

The MCP2200 is certainly a nice device, however it does not offer a USB Host Class interface. Concerning "FTDIgate," I personally have over a hundred devices which incorporate the FT232R or derivative and not a single device was effected by the "FTDIgate" driver, no VIDs or PIDs were set to zero. I still incorporate the FT232R into many of my designs and have not encountered any counterfeit issues with supplies of FT232R purchased from my suppliers. As most of the counterfeit FT232R were based on a Chinese design, I suspect the majority of devices were those purchased from Chinese suppliers.

The Vinculum II (VNC2) series is an entirely different animal, considerably more versatile, complex and requires firmware development specific to the application using a framework provided by FTDI. While the FT313H is not as versatile or complex, neither device accounts for such an appreciable market share to warrant the development of a counterfeit device, I suspect.

The MAX3421 is certainly a nice device and I have utilized it in several designs, however it should be pointed out, the cost of the MAX3421 in comparison to the comparable FT313 is approximately two or three times the cost, $4.50 vs $2.10 respectfully. The development kits offered by Maxim are also typically three or four times the cost of those offered by FTDI.

ArticCynda and bigdogguru
Thanks for your valuable reply. Please look into the link.
in this only one chipset used and it converts USB data stream into UART (RS232) data. I thing this may not be MAX3421 and FTDI chipset.

Can you give any idea about this board..

According to the link provided the device appears to provide a USB Host interface for USB barcode readers, however what is unclear is how well it would handle the input from a USB mouse.

There doesn't seem to be a datasheet available, perhaps you should email them and inquire as to its compatibility with a USB Mouse.

It's difficult identify the underlying chipset, which why they probably hidden the device markings, however as it is not a QFP nor QFN package, it's neither the MAX3421 nor the Vinculum II chipset. It could very well be a PIC24 with USB OTG interface programmed to handle HID barcode scanners.

The price quoted in USD is almost $23.

The VINCULUM-II DEV 2 PORT 32DIP (V2DIP2-32), the price for the V2DIP2-32 costs less, provides three interface methods to the MCU, UART, SPI and Parallel, provides two USB ports and is reprogrammable for almost any situation and USB devices, FTDI offers several other USB Host Controller development boards, including an Arduino compatible shield.

Hello bigdogguru
Thanks for reply..
I enquired about the board where USB mouse can also be connected to this board but others not known.I guess it could be done with ATMEGA8.

After reexamining the enlarged photo of the device, I strongly suspect the chipset to be a PIC24F with OTG USB interface.

So basically your are at the mercy of the individual whom wrote the code for the device.

If they cannot answer inquiry as to the compatibility with a USB mouse, which typically is a HID USB Device Class, you might want to rethink it as an option. I find it hard to believe they have not tested it with a USB mouse.
Hello bigdogguru
Thanks for spending your valuable time to reply..
Ok. I understand that it is PIC24FXX. I want to do the same for accessing USB keyboard and mouse as UART interface can you suggest some idea?

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