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URGENT (broken security system keys)

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Los Frijoles

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Oct 5, 2006
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marlok key

I am not going to state the nature of the building for which this key is used to unlock and pieces of the key have been blurred out to aid in non-identification. This key is a very high-security key and there is absolutely no information about it's operation on google.

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Both sides of the same key.

1. What kind of key is this? It says Marlok on I will guess that is the kind of key.
2. What is it made out of? Yeah, I know the key is made of metal (brass), but what are the black stripes?
3. How does it work? Good question...
4. Is there any way to fool the system for which this key is used? Yes, this sounds suspicious, but please note that I have no intentions of breaking into this building.
5. If the key is "flaky" (e.g. it does not work half the time), how do you fix it?

This is the information I know about this key:
To use, you push it into the slot (looks like a rectangle keyhole) and pull it out much like a credit card. If the system "likes" the key, the door will unlock.
Washing, buffing, cleaning, or doing any other household cleaning treatment does not help the operation of flaky keys.
The system is completely electric and most likely digital. The battery (yes a battery) had to be replaced a few weeks ago and since then the system is not working properly.

marlok key system

You obviously didn't spend much time researching the web before posting your questions. I learned the following by looking for Marlok, key, and then Millenium Marlok. It's an interesting system.

The Marlok key system is made by Millenium Group, now part of ILCO.

The key works by shining infrared light through the key to read codes recorded into the key at the time of manufacture. The black stripes would appear to be IR windows. The key itself is a nickel alloy.

Since the reader is an optical reader, dirt can interfere with proper operation. If you get too much dirt into the lock/reader, you'll probably have to replace the reader assembly of the lock. If the key is too scratched or marked up, it would have to be replaced. The IR path has to be clean and clear.

Each door has a control unit that has been pre-programmed from a central location to allow a particular key to open the door. The door control unit is located near/at the door itself - probably just inside the hinge side of the door.

It is a digital system controlled from a central PC that is used to download the approved codes to each door control unit.

The system looks to be hack proof. Since the key system is optical, no magnetic tampering would be effective. You would have to know a valid key code to tap into the system and modify the information stored in the door control unit, or you would have to access the door solenoid wires directly.

If the unit worked better before the battery was replaced, it sounds like either the new battery is defective (terminal voltage too low, amp rating of the battery too low, or resistive connection at the battery terminal), or the power supply was damaged during the battery replacement.[m1890-01-06].pdf - page 4
**broken link removed**

Sorry about the lack of research...I was in a slight hurry and only had time for the first page of google...

Thank you. Your reply helped me understand alot.

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