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ups\inverter for pc and home equipment

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May 18, 2011
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I would like to build my own UPS ( 800 w).
Where can I get the good circuit or help?
i also want to know what rating of battery and transformer will be used in the circuit

I believe a lot of us would like to be able to do the same.

The cost of parts will include a not-commonly-available transformer designed to step up 12V (or 24V) to your house AC voltage. Rated for 800 W.

Plus you'll need various other parts...

all of which combined will no doubt add up to more than a commercially-manufactured unit.

i want a schematic diagram and also the specification of the circuit

Here is a tried and true Home UPS Approach.
We used it for seven years on a Web Hosting Start-up.
We ran 4 servers 24-7 for seven years.
We used two Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Batteries (the kind they use in Large Diesel Tractor Trailer rucks).
We used cheap DC/AC Inverters (Harbor Freight $79.95).
We also used simple Battery chargers.
Each Computer/Server was hooked up to a UPS. The UPS was powered by a set of Batteries. The batteries were hooked up to a battery charger.
I told you it was simple!!!
1st: A 24VDC or 48VDC Computer/Server Power supply is expensive.
Normal AC Powered Computer Power Supplies are not.
2nd: Commercial UPS's are expensive... Most home UPSs (the $299.00 variety) only give 10 to 15 minutes of back up power.
The simple set up I described would easily power the server for over 48-hours with a sustained power outage. Since it was hooked up and always on-line, it was essentially a 24-7 power source for the server.
We have since migrated to multiple Blade servers in a custom built Server center. Our server center has three phase power, and we use a set of 100KW Commercial UPSs. But they are nice, but cost per KW - the Battery and Inverter with Battery charger was the most economical all around for a server, or even a pair of servers. But our operation has grown to over 28 Cabinets, each with at least 64 Blade Servers - way to cumbersome for dedicated Batteries, Inverter, and Battery Charger for each Blade Server Set.
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