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Universal PWM module at analogue components.

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Nov 30, 2009
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Althought I designed this module special for my needs, it’s so universal that someone else maight find it useful. System allows to control all chip sets for both DC or AC, low voltage or 230V from electric network, could be use in any kind of light dimmers ( LED diodes, bulbes etc.), speed regulation in commutator motors, disco light systems, or any different tools that need PWM controll.
2,2k resistor is connected to unbend bridge, and it has quite small value because of big steep of CLK impulse that allows to work with CMOS without Schmitt switcher ( at my device works with 4020 spliter). LEVEL potentiometer we can set level of saw-shape signal. Saw – shape signls must be more or less like signal that is compare with at comparator, after set saw-shape signal level, LEVEL potentiometer can be replace with constant resistor. Potentiometer “0” we set exacly at datum level for saw-shape signal, against mass, we can use that potentiometer as a dimmer, adjust glow of bulbes or minimum motor rpm. Resistor Rx we set to have full range of PWM regulation 0-100%. Rx number depends on LEVEL potentiometer. Condenser Cx (22pF) we can use when we found system excitation, we can plug any number of reverse amplifiers (dotted line) by adding “saw” and “0” levels. At comparators output there is -12V. To secure system we use diode at output and resistor as the picture shaws.
More information you can find at http://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic1511216.html


Not open for further replies.
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