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Understanding bow-tie antennas

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Aug 23, 2009
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understanding bow-tie antenna

Hi all, I'm new to antenna design, however, am trying to design an antenna for ground penetrating radar. I would like to use a bow-tie antenna for its wide band capabilities, however, I'm strugling with the overall concept. Firstly, would a microstrip antenna be reccomended, condsidering the narrow bandwidth which is associated with them. If so, how should this be fed? from what I can understand about bow-tie antennas is, one side of the antenna is fed through the copper core of a coaxial cable, whilst the other is connected to ground. Is this true for a microstrip bow-tie antenna, how does the ground plane of a micro-strip play a part of this design. What would be another option, other than a microstrip, could I just have the two triagular conuctors of a bow-tie, one connected to a feed (and a baluan) and the other connected to ground. If anyone could help me with this it would be much appreciated, regards Aaron

bow tie antennas

hai u can do that in both the way. here i have attached two paper for ur reference.

wht software u r using...... then i will help u for ur design

understand bow-tie antenna

Hi james, thankyou for your reply. I've been using XFDTD, with a guasian pulse at a centre frequency around 1GHz. Regards Aaron.

I have problem about
1. how to make printed wire bowtie in xfdtd..
2. how to put resistif loading in XFDTD..

please help me..
thanks a lot

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