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Ucf file conversion from virtex-2 to virtex-5

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Chethan Chethu

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Aug 25, 2014
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Bangalore, India, India
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Hi, i have written code for vga interface with Virtex-2 board.. Now i need to use the same code for virtex-5 board with slight changes in .ucf file.. But the signal lines are a bot different in both.. especially "vga_out_pixel_clock" line.. can any one help me..??
UCF of Virtex-2:
#PACE: Start of Constraints generated by PACE

#PACE: Start of PACE I/O Pin Assignments
NET "clk" LOC = "aj15" ;
NET "reset" LOC = "ac11" ;
NET "vga_B<0>" LOC = "d15" ;
NET "vga_B<1>" LOC = "e15" ;
NET "vga_B<2>" LOC = "h15" ;
NET "vga_B<3>" LOC = "j15" ;
NET "vga_B<4>" LOC = "c13" ;
NET "vga_B<5>" LOC = "d13" ;
NET "vga_B<6>" LOC = "d14" ;
NET "vga_B<7>" LOC = "e14" ;
NET "vga_comp_synch" LOC = "g12" ;
NET "vga_G<0>" LOC = "g10" ;
NET "vga_G<1>" LOC = "e10" ;
NET "vga_G<2>" LOC = "d10" ;
NET "vga_G<3>" LOC = "d8" ;
NET "vga_G<4>" LOC = "c8" ;
NET "vga_G<5>" LOC = "h11" ;
NET "vga_G<6>" LOC = "g11" ;
NET "vga_G<7>" LOC = "e11" ;
NET "vga_h_sync" LOC = "b8" ;
NET "vga_out_blank" LOC = "a8" ;
NET "vga_out_pixel_clock" LOC = "h12" ;
NET "vga_R<0>" LOC = "g8" ;
NET "vga_R<1>" LOC = "h9" ;
NET "vga_R<2>" LOC = "g9" ;
NET "vga_R<3>" LOC = "f9" ;
NET "vga_R<4>" LOC = "f10" ;
NET "vga_R<5>" LOC = "d7" ;
NET "vga_R<6>" LOC = "c7" ;
NET "vga_R<7>" LOC = "h10" ;
NET "vga_v_sync" LOC = "d11" ;

#PACE: Start of PACE Area Constraints

#PACE: Start of PACE Prohibit Constraints

#PACE: End of Constraints generated by PACE

What is your question? You've got two totally different chips with different pinouts. You're going to have to remap your pins, right? And what do you mean "especially "vga_out_pixel_clock" ". A signal either goes to a pin or it doesn't' what makes that signal "special"? I don't think you can expect to have a one-to-one pin mapping for the two devices.

You need to look at the Virtex 5 board pin connections to the VGA connection (assuming there is one). The vendor of the board should provide documentation that tells you which pins are connected to the VGA, use those pin numbers in place of the ones in your Virtex 2 pin assignments in the UCF.

yeh i understand and i know that two different board pins can't be same.. bt my question is that what are these vga pins in virtex-5..??

vga pins Virtex-2
<< vga_comp_synch

vga pins in Viretx-5

nwys h_sync and v_sync are same output pins., wat bout the other three..??

You'll have to look at the schemtic to find out.

You'll have to look at the schemtic to find out.

virtex-5.JPG this is for virtex-5

Thats not a schematic - its and architectural diagram.
The schematic would show the pinout. (or some other documentation detailing the pinout)

That link is someones custom board, and all it shows is the jtag config connection, not the VGA. It is nothing to do with your board or your problem.
You need the schematics for YOUR board, and check the pinout.

There are no dedicated "VGA pins in Virtex-5". As several people here have already said, you need to look at the schematic and see what pins the designer connected where.

I also find it interesting the block diagram the OP has seems to indicated there is NO VGA output port, which is what the OP is apparently trying to port form the Virtex-2 design. The block diagram does have a VGA input port though with a DVI output port. But who knows if that block diagram is representative of the Virtex-5 board. The OP seems to believe any random Virtex-5 board will have the same pinout for a VGA output.

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