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Uart transmitter from fpga to arduino

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I am trying to send data from fpga to arduino by using uart .
I am attaching the code below , I am not sure whether the logic is correct or not.
The data to be sent in the code below is dstnc, strngth,temp.
I am using xilinx generated ip fifo to store this data (dstnc,strngth,temp) before giving it to uart transmitter module.
I am displaying the data dstnc on seven segment display of fpga and it is showing correct .
On the Arduino side while receiving the data from fpga there is mismatch in that data
--- Updated ---

I am also attaching the receiver code on Arduino side
--- Updated ---

I am also attaching the receiver code on Arduino side


  • uart_tx_test.txt
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  • arduino_uart.txt
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Using a HDL simulator is the best way to check your code.

A basic problem is raised by having multiple clock domains (clk, rxClk, txClk) in your design. I don't recognize a useful synchronization of module activity across the clock domains. The fifo module is effectively useless by permanently enabling read and write. You need logic that e.g. sends one character from the fifo to the TX module and waits until the UART is ready again. To avoid additional synchronizer, all modules should use the same clock and rxClk and txClk should be replaced by rxClken and txClken signals, one clock cycle wide.
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