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Trying to generate electricity..pls help

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Jul 13, 2012
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am actually working on this trying to generate electricity from a rotor like that of an alternator.apparatus:wires,a motor,bike and battery.i have ma bike firmly screwd to a platform and ma motor too to another thesame platform conecting both wit a belt,but during this proces it was producing direct curent as spin d wheels,pls how can i invert the current to an A.c voltage without having to use an inverter?

You want to invert it without using an inverter? That is, by definition, impossible.

Maybe you should use an AC generator/motor instead?

sir,am not dat gud at electrical stuff.but i cant purchase an inverter,bt sir is ther any way i could u a voltage stabilizer to invert it

sir,am not dat gud at electrical stuff.but i cant purchase an inverter,bt sir is ther any way i could u a voltage stabilizer to invert it
mr ola , you cant use stabilizer to invert , you rather use an AC motor instead or an inverter.

Honda have small silent portable generators with small diesel/gasoline engine, alternators, batteries, and inverter inside. Role of battery is just to stabilize voltage and remove ripple in voltage on input section of inverter.
Car alternator is natural AC generator, but manufacturers use rectification diodes to get DC, because we need DC current in cars.

Look at home power websites. Electricity from bicycle power is a popular project.

Keep in mind there is only so much human-power you can get from a bicycle. An athlete might produce 1/2 horsepower peak.
We ordinary folk are lucky if we can put out 1/4 horsepower. That's about 190 W (based on the standard conversion formula).

Someone will suggest an old car alternator as might be found around a junk pile. It promises power at low cost. I tried this once. I could only get a low watt lamp bulb to light dimly. I disconnected the diodes. I jerry-rigged it to the back of a tractor. Its pulley was driven by the spinning power take-off. I energized the field coil from my adjustable power supply. I ran up the engine rpm's. It should have worked fine but I was disappointed.

Later I learned that many have tried the same thing, but they find the output is disappointingly low. I didn't get the entire explanation.

If you want to use human power to drive car alternator should be converted to alternator with permanent magnets. Average and normal humans dont have enough power to pedal alternator on load. Making magnetic field in standard alternator rotor make strong resistance, because of that should be modified to rotor with permanent magnet, in this case we need some voltage regulation. Some experiments what I saw shows around 50W is ok, power over that is hard to keep on longer time.

to generate electricity u dont need an inverter

what u need is a magnet on a rotor, something to turn the shaft connect to the rotor, and 3-phase windings equally spaced around the rotor.

thanks to you all for your contributions.

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