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trolling motor battery question ...

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Jul 11, 2011
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Hi there.

I just purchased a Motorguide trolling motor. it runs on 24 Volts. I already have a 12 volt charger. so I will buy 2 x 12 volt batteries and connect them in the 24 volt configuration. now the tech said I need around 180 ah in order to fully appreciate the motor.

so my question is , let pretend the batteries I purchased are 100 ah . If I connect the 2 batteries making them 24 volt, will I end up with 24 volt 100 ah or will I end up with 24 volt 200 ah ? the reason I ask is my boat is small and I want to limit the weight , so I rather buy smaller batteries if I can....

thanks you in advance


thank you very much

only 100 ah...... :sad::sad::sad:

stef. :grin:

it is very important do that this current is enough for starting your motor? because starting of motors require high current.
you must read motors manual very carefully and then attach to battery together (must be serial ) .

thank you.

I read on the www that the minimum ah for a 24 volt trolling motor is close to 1 ah per pound trust. mine is a 75 . so theoretically I could enjoy the motor with 75 ah... but the tech recommended 180 ah !!! . this is kind of a problem for my as my boat is a small 12 feet canoe. I do not want to add too much weight, or I will sink...:oops::oops:

but yes I will read the manual before.

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