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Transformerless power supply

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transformerless power supply microchip

People who are considering using ths method should be aware of the serious safety problems. In most countries the safety laws require that when using a circuit like this the whole supply and the circuit it powers have to be totally enclosed in two independent layers of insulating material such as plastic shells.

It is not worth your life to save a small amount of funds.

microchip transformerless

It is usually used for low power supply like battary charger.


Can it supply current upto 100mA ?

power supply transformerless


Its a pitty that you upload something that can be found on the microchip web site. Also, there are few more App. notes there that can also help to build a Transformerless power supply.
This circuit is good for currents up to 50mA. They can give higher current but only for short period of time.
Good luck.

transformerless power supply current

Also notice that on Figure 3 the second Zenner diode on -5V rail is misplaced. It should be placed in reverse.

transformerless power supplies

I don't know. I think you may be underestimating some of the advantages. Yes you do have to pay more attention to the safety aspect to it and yes you do need to look after the international & domestic regulations BUT I saved $800 on a power supply and 25 pounds worth of transformer (costs alot to ship) for a 1.25KW system I designed with no transformer. It can be done, there are drawbacks and adavantages.


write up on transformerless power supply

It also can be downloaded from the web.

The link :
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Another interresting AN :
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See you

transformerless power supply circuit

I think the latest comments about uploading files that are available elsewhere on the web are a little late when it comes to this posting. Did any of you bother to look at the date of the orignal post? Comments/questions/answers to postings that are over 3 years old probably won't get much attention from the original poster.

microchip transformerless supply

What about Eletric Schock ?

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