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transformer utilization factor

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Jan 25, 2014
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for half wave rectifier for 1 half of the input cycle the transformer secondary is unused .but for centre tap full wave rectifier for both halves 1 half of the 2ndary is used. for the bridge rectifier however the entire 2ndary is used for both the halves . so T.U.F of half wave < full wave < bridge rectifier . am i correct ? but i think TUF of primary winding in all the 3 cases should be same .is it ?

Although slightly more current, for same temp rise ,, more ripple, but less power . so less efficient for your example.

Better half wave uses full winding and negative clamp.

Tiny current flows in the primary when no current flows in the secondary.

An efficient design characteristic of power transformers is that they should draw minimal power.

but i think TUF of primary winding in all the 3 cases should be same .is it ?
You should sketch the primary waveform of the half-wave rectifier and estimate it's RMS current to answer the question. No, it's not the same utilization factor.

An additional important reason why a half wave rectifier can't work with good efficiency is the core DC magnetization.

Utilisation factor highest for single winding o/p with 4 diodes doing the rectifying, for a CT rectifier (2 diodes) the current in each winding is 0.707 of that in the single winding (and there are two f them) - so there is a penalty for CT o/p's...

Single winding o/p can also have voltage doubler with 2 diodes and two caps...
and current doubler with 2 diodes, 2 inductors...

All other config's are lower utilisation than CT o/p...

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