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Total internal Energy Capacitor

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Oct 7, 2009
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ampers are more danger than he voltage right? there can be 200A in a 5V circuit?

what are the values that i would need to be careful,

Im filling 1500 capacitors with an Ac to DC circuit from solar panels, and they are getting very energized.
Now since capacitors are in parallel, what happens when i Short Circuit them?

A bomb? it will explode? i need to create an controlled explosion on vacum, to studdy some stuff.

But i need to know this main points are.. What is dangerous the voltage or the Ampers, and which A i would be dead if discharged on my body?

my english is awful and im sorry for that, some contents may be "weird" to understand.
but try to asnwer from what you think you got it from what i said.

Duh! Solar panels have a DC output, not AC.
Duh! If you short a charged capacitor then a very large current will flow.

Your body is a fairly high value resistor. Ohms Law says that a high current flows in a resistor if the voltage across it is high or if the resistance is very low. The high current stops your heart.
5V is a low voltage that will not be feeled (felt).
50V might be feeled (felt) if your skin is wet.
100V might kill you if your skin is wet but just tickle if your skin is dry.
200V will kill you.
500V and more will kill you then cook you.

The duration of the electrocution is important to see if you survive.

People also have been killed by an exploding mobile phone Li-ion battery.

Planning of high energy experiments obviously requires some basic knowledge of physics and electrical engineering. Thus I see serious problems.

Oh its not a solar painel, its a .. windmill.. that induces coils.. that then store in capacitors.

But i can have a high current with low voltages right? and that high apers will kill.

So but what hapens now not to my body but to the 1500 capacitors of alot capacitance value, when short circuited? they explode? or they dont nothing.

The objective here is to discharge the electricity, to a spark gap. but what kind of spark will that capacitors with do voltage ( in paralel ) will be like?

ok, so anyway its a safe mode to save electricity in capacitors instead of baterries?

i assume i can rise the ouput windmill vltage with transformer, and then charge the capacitors , and have a higher watt output.

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