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Topor topological router

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Jun 14, 2006
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Has anyone ever seen or used this?

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No and I can not imagine that I could deliver such a ... solution.

I haven't seen that particular router, but I'm writing one myself.

The secret is the use of Voronoi diagrams for path finding. It's naturally routes at any angle.

It has a scary worst case run time but a blindingly fast average case performance.

Those people are charging a fortune for it and break out the cost by layers, which is obcene. Why not just throttle it?

Hi, everyone

I am using Altium Designer as my primary software suit for PCB design. But its native autorouter (called Situs) is kind of "weak". I conducted a set of experiments Situs vs TopoR and it prove that TopoR's a better solution unless you have a special requirements on solely 45 degrees routing. A 5.0 version is to be released very soon (they promised, in mid-2010).

Ultimately, Altium is a little twisting the situation claiming Situs to be a topological router. Indeed, it is, but only to a certain degree! On the other hand, TopoR embodies a topological approach to the problem. Truly, if Situs is topological, why it's angle-limited?! (For those who is not familiar with a topological approach, I can recommend Roman Bazylevich's works. He's a founder of that technique).

P.S. No, I don't work for TopoR. Please, don't regard this as an advertisement of TopoR

BTW, kackermann, how's your router doing (the one exploiting Voronoi diagrams)? Did you finish it?

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