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To replace the existing USB cable to a USB Y cable where we can connect local PC

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Apr 17, 2011
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Can someone advise me on this:-

1. HORIBA device AP 370 (Dust Monitor) is connected to a local PC using a RS232 cable.
2. HORIBA software is installed in the local PC so the user could access the data from the
device over a serial communication using RS232 cable.
3. The serial communication between Device and local PC is proprietary. For clarity sake, the
HORIBA software installed in Local PC sends the initial command to the device initially.
4. After receiving the initial command, the device sends data to the local PC.
5. The Device does not send data until it receives the initial command from the local pc
(basically from the Horiba Software).
6. This is the nature of proprietary serial communication.
7. Our aim is to get the data in GPRS MODEM while coming from device to local PC If we
disconnect the PC we will not get any data because the device will not receive any initial
command from the local PC.
8. So without disconnecting the RS232 connection between local PC and Device and without
stopping the initial command generated by the local PC, we need to connect an extra cable in
between and get the data. This type of cable is called as Y cable or SPY cable.

The client has 8 HORIBA devices for different purpose such as dust monitoring, SO2 monitoring, NOx monitoring etc…All the 8 devices are connected to a MOXA Rs232 to US converter. For clarity sake, each device is connected to the MOXA 1600-800 series RS232 to USB converter with RS232 cable. The local PC is connected to the MOXA UPort 1600-800 series with a USB cable (1.0/2.0 compatible, Type B).

Our plan is to replace the existing USB cable to a USB Y cable where we can connect local PC and GPRS MODEM simultaneously.

We are trying to capture the data from the USB cable using the similar method that we did before using RS232 (refer Picture 1). But creating a USB Y cable is difficult. So we are planning to purchase a USB Y cable from you to do the test. The USB Y cable must be a 1.0/2.0 compatible Type B (Picture is attached for your reference). One end (Point 1) is to be connected at the converter which is the source (UPort 1600-800 series from MOXA). The Y end of the cable should be connected to local PC and to GPRS MODEM. The local PC has a USB port. But the GPRS MODEM should be a RS232.

Please contact me for more details with pictures that I can show it to you.

Need help urgently.


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