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The striplines configuration to excite an array of mems devices

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Oct 22, 2007
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i have a linear array (say it total 50) of mems devices. you can image each mems device has dimension around 100umx100umx10um and the pitch is around 300um. these devices need to be excited by high electric field (V/m) electromagnetic (microwave) wave in one direction, for example, in x direction (and by wave only, not by direct electrical wire contact). Higher electrical field is preferred. Frequency can be a few GHz. I am thinking to use striplines structure to excite the array of mems devices. Can anyone suggest me the striplines configuration to excite an array of mems devices? the desired design is to use as fewer microwave sources as possible because of space and cost concern. and how do i keep the electrical field locally, because emi will be a concern if the field leak out to nearby devices. Any inputs/suggestions is appreciated. Thanks alot from Eric

Re: striplines design

Dear Friend,

EMI should not be a concern if you have the luxury of Anechoic chambers, (during testing ofcourse..!)Is excitation only for testing or part of the system??

If no, first you need to build your own "Anechoic Box", with some absorbing paints or material inside. When I was working for a defence project, the nose-tip of the missile (where our sub-system was placed) was enclosed with such a box during measurements. The signal was fed through a Rectangular Horn antenna. The power was being varied between -40 to -90 dBm.

If you may tell, what are the kind of measurements you are actually going to do on your system,may be based on that we might narrow on a suitable excitation.


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