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Test Bed DDS and WaveDAC burst tool

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Mar 26, 2018
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Occasionally I need to generate custom wave forms and burst a known number of cycles
into a DUT.

This is a single chip solution, board I typically I use is $ 10. You just drag and drop components
onto schematic, wire internally with a wire wizard tool and out to pins, right click and config them.

Setup is right clicking a component on schematic (in PSOC land a component is an onchip
resource) and setting clocks, amplitude, phase....whatever). I could write code and add LCD
to design to do config that way, just got lazy. So only code written in this case was 6 lines
of code to start all the key components. Note each component has a library of API f() calls
to manipulate it under code. Rare you write a driver for anything.

This setup was to just burst 4 sine cycles into a filter. Can be configed repeating or press of
a button to initiate the burst. Number of cycles programmable, as is freq, amplitude. For
repeating inter burst delay also settable.

Additionally I have needed to burst a mix of waveforms, this solution does that as well. Shown
is two channels, I think chip has enough resources to do 4.....

The trigger is easily changed from repeating or button to a qualified trigger, like a V being
exceeded, or a logic level or pattern. Just more drag and drop onto schematic to do that.
Although more advanced stuff like using the A/D or DMA or DSP requires you do some coding.

Even a state machine for trigger using onboard LUT easy to do.

Compiler and IDE tool free. PSOC Creator. https://www.cypress.com/products/psoc-creator-integrated-design-environment-ide



Regards, Dana.

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