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tcp throughput test , how?

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Aug 24, 2013
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Hi, please help me.

I'm On a FPGA Based TCP/IP Hardware Test.
My board supports MAC and TCP Layers. It also replies to pings. I can send and receive data in TCP layer by TeraTerm.

How can I test the maximum throughput of this HW by an application running on a windows?

I used TeraTerm to send data.
I tried using iperf3 but i cant use it successfully!

- iperf should be used - you can check xilinx applications note.

- if you want to have control of the code - you can get some sample code from codeproject
and build/compile your own tcp server or client - this is another way to control the bits and bytes of tcp

- of course always use wire shark to track the tcp transactions for any problems.

as I found, Iperf needs a server/client on the other side to send/receive data to/ from it. but my app on HW is not a complete app. it only can consume received data or loopback them. then, is there any app to test this HW?

I tried creating a project in VC++ for testing throughput by using some example codes. I tried sending packets from PC to HW and counting sent Data over time and calculating rate but it was not so successful. then I'm looking for a ready to use applications such iperf.

if any one familier with this issue please help me.

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