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Talk about G@teVision & $piceVision

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Apr 19, 2002
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The C0ncept Engineering (h++p:// has introduced 2 tools for visualize the gate/spice netlist.

From the flash-demo on its website, I saw G@teVision only has the ability to browse the gate-level netlist, just like Debu$$y' nSchema does.
But the salesman told me that it can export EDIF schematic, really :?:

And for $piceVision, the salesman said that it is able to create the "beautiful" schematic(s) !!! For example, you can just see a current mirror structure from the spice netlist input. (And will be able to export schematic output in the following release.) It's really astonishing to me !

Anyone who has used these tools, please share the experience :eek:

I have not tried these tools because I do not have license.
Please share the license if possible!
Thanks in advance.

Today I have got the trial license file (node-locked) from C0ncept Engineer.

After I try the GateV!sion & SpiceV!sion, I find out in current release, these two tools can only visualize the gate-level netlist/spice netlist !

They still do not have the capability to export "schematic"(s), such as EDIF schematic(s) or ECS's schematic format.

And for GateV!sion, according to my testing, it is much poor than the Debu$$y's nSchem@ !

Debuss* is really really good,
I love it.

How about the spicevision ?
Does it read any type of spice netlist ?
And how does it look like for the large spice netlist ?

SPICE format

SpiceV!sion support SPICE 2, SPICE 3, HSPICE, PSPICE and CDL.

I have tried the HSPICE netlist exported from ECS, and found it need .END type HSPICE netlist.

Although it can't generate the view just like the original drawing, it can really visualize the SPICE netlist in some specific form according to its algorithm.

ps: The trial license has limited the maximum transistor count (2000), so I am not able to try other bigger netlist :eek:

Another spice view hear from my friend
**broken link removed**

Only spice netlist view - SpiceVision
Spice netlist debug - Sandwork
Gate netlist debug - debussy, Gatevision(Not so good)

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