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Symmetrical workshop power supply 0-30V; 0.002-3A

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Aug 2, 2011
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This power supply is based on:

The housing of this device is a standard plastic Z-17. It so big that it can contain 2 supplies. The front panel was made with a CNC machine from an aluminum-plastic plate (plastic plate covered on both sides with aluminum).
Washers from banana sockets were made from white plexiglass – it must be made to isolate them from each other (because of the aluminum front panel). Displays are screwed to white plastic distances to prevent protruding outside the housing. Between the hit sink and the rest of the housing, a layer of textolite was used to prevent possible thawing of the housing.
This supply was build based on electronicslab with some changes:
  • instead of one 0,47ohm resistor – two 1ohm parallel connected
  • TL081 was replaced with uA741 – it withstands higher current
  • 1N5402 diodes were replaced with KBU8M bridge with a hit sink (cut of an ATX) screwed to it
  • 3300uF capacitor replaced with 4700uF 50V one

Also a fan (from ATX power supply) was used (165x70x40) to cool the device. It's steered by a controller with a thermistor (higher temperature more rpm's).
The boards were made by thermo-transfer method. The whole device is supplied by TST transformer 2x24V, 2x3, 1A 150VA.

Link to original thread – Symetryczny zasilacz warsztatowy 0-30V; 0,002-3A

Not open for further replies.
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