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Syderal is hiring for FPGA Engineers | remote work possible

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Oct 7, 2019
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SYDERAL Polska is a Polish SME established in 2016 providing electronics and software solutions for the space
sector. The mission of SYDERAL Polska is delivering high quality products while maintaining the openness for
applying innovative solutions within the space technology domain. The electronics and software for our clients
are designed by first-rate Polish engineers with experience in the space sector. In order to reinforce our team,
we are searching for a FPGA Engineer.

As an FPGA Engineer you will participate in interesting projects carried out for the space industry. You will be
reponsible for designing FPGA based modules or systems, implementing it with a hardware description language,
veryfing its behaviour in simulation and debugging in hardware. All of that will have to be compliant with
customer specification and ECSS standards. Creativity, paying attention to details throughout the development
process and providing technical documentation will also be required.

We are looking for you if you have:
▪ Over 4 years of experience with FPGAs in the following areas: design, RTL coding, verification and hardware debugging.
▪ Good VHDL or Verilog RTL design skills.
▪ Experience with FPGA simulation tools, such as Mentor Modelsim/Questa or Aldec Riviera-PRO/Active-HDL.
▪ Experience with FPGA synthesis and implementation tools, such as Synopsys Synplify, Xilinx Vivado, Microsemi Libero.
▪ Experience with FPGA debugging tools, like Xilinx Chipscope or Synopsys Identify.
▪ Experience with scripting language (Python, TCL).
▪ Experience with popular data busses (AXI, AHB, APB).
▪ Experience with FPGA high speed links (tranceivers).
▪ Knowledge of UVM/OSM or UVVM/OSVVM verification methods would be a plus.

We offer:
▪ Exciting job in space industry
▪ Friendly work environment
▪ Hybrid work model
▪ Flexible working hours
▪ Private medical care
▪ Salary adequate to skills and experience

Are you interested and motivated to join our team? Please send your CV to: biuro@syderal.pl



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