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Suggestions on msp432p401r

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Dec 18, 2010
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Hello All

After some basic understanding of Embedded systems and C programming am now going for a hands on. I managed to buy msp432p401r from TI ( After viewing few blogs decided to buy this).

Please can any one suggest me how to start with hardware in hand.

I was thinking to
- Read the datasheet for the ARM included in the development kit
- Look for the Compilers that am ok with ( Code Composer Studio )
- Start off with basic LED flashing and LED displaying etc..

Am not sure how good my plan to start off is...

Suggestions appreciated


Hi amnandu,

I think that sounds like a great place to start. Playing with LEDs is a good place to start understanding GPIO. Another simple starting project could be to toggle an LED by pushing a button.

After that, you may be comfortable enough to play around with the ADC on the board, then trying to use DMA or interrupts to get the output from the ADC.

Thanks kingkahn for the suggestion.

Can you also suggest any websites where i can start off with simple projects


Unfortunately I don't know of any websites for embedded projects offhand. My experience with embedded systems has all been through school or work. There are probably a lot of websites with projects intended for new Arduino or Raspberry Pi owners which you could take inspiration from. Depending on how much time you want to invest in this, you can make some very cool things though. A course at my university had us build a car which could navigate by either line-following or using GPS. Building a line-follower can be really fun, and I'm sure you can find lots of advice online without having to look to far. It will require some extra components but not too many.
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