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Suggest to pic microcontroller for washing machine ...

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Jan 20, 2005
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microcontroller washing machine

Suggest to me pic microcontroller for washng machine.
The importing is good emi-noise protect.Because i will work with relay.Thanks for reply

pic reset relay

one single PIC microcontroller is not enough. Overall you need an array of PIC's synchronized with each other in order to make it altogether work. The higher the frequency the better is it. Plus you need a large memory over 64-128kb attached in the chip.

Idea seems great, francky must yeild inexpensive solution to the problem and becomes better electronic household equipment.

block diagram for washing machine pic16f877

wit 2k memory PIC you can automate 10 washer mashine in one time
washing machine microcontroller

Give us a brief description or block diagram of your design.

microcontroller in washing machine

The Block Diagram
washing machine control system block diagram


Make a list of what you need to control.
A washing machine can be quite sophisticated.

Average machine in Europe:

- Buttons.
- Display.
- LED's.
- Water IN.
- Water level.
- Water heater ON/OFF.
- Water temperature sensor.
- Water IN (washing powder compartment).
- Water IN (softener compartment).
- Motor ON/OFF.
- Motor CW/CCW.
- Motor centrifugal.
- Motor STOP (centrifugal vibration alarm).
- Door security lock (solenoid).
- Water OUT.
- ...
- ...
- ...

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emi microcontroller problem

Hi. PIC micro don't have good emi-noise protect.

Best Regards.

washing machine 8051


Have you encounter EMI problems with PIC? In what applications? Maybe you can help to descibe the problem. I learnt from a friend that PIC is very popular in washing machine and so far no problem. Not sure, maybe you can help to advice. Thank you


washing machine motor schema

Generally emi problem occured on relay on/off so uP reset self.

programming pic for the washing machine


EMI problems mah have appeared cuz of motors and relays, you better connect some cpapcitors in parallel, say 470nF will be ok.

Another thing, you can use mains filters to eliminate noise, on the other hand you wanted a PIC, what about PIC16F877A or PIC16F876A, they have ADC channels as well as many ports. You better use high quality mains trasnformer to avoid noise

microcontroller reset relay problem

Hi. Yes, pic have many problems(reset pic) when relay switched on/off.

Best Regards.

microcontroller projects washing machine

Thanks for reply but must be definite solution for emi problems on relay on_off in pic uP

microcontroller washer machin

petarpav said:
Hi. PIC micro don't have good emi-noise protect.


Which microcontroller(microcontrollers) you suggest ?


design of a washing machine using microcontroller

i believe all devices have problems with EMI. and no device can be completely EMI proof. so depending on your application you have to protect your microcontroller from EMI using different methods that are used in the industry. you cant just complain about the microcontroller resetting itself due to EMI because you have made a poor design.

emi on pic micros led

If you have EMI problems post the whole schematic.
Use numbers for the components like R13 470 Ohm so people on this
forum can refer to the schematic with ease. Example: replace R13 with 220 Ohm.


pic controller suppress emi

Can someone help me with a snubber circuit for driving loads like motor and solenoid via relay.

thank you.

microcontroller washing machine control project

Can someone draw sample schema relay with pic for removed emi noise

microcontroller project washing machine control

One problem:

EMI noise coming from the relay coil.

See URL for Suppressing Relay Coil Transients. (DC coil)

Another problem:

EMI coming from switching inductive loads.
(Spikes on the relay contacts when inductive loads are switched).

Solution depends on type of load.

* * * * *

Is this project for your personal washing machine or is a commercial project?

Your product might fail certification because of EMI noise.
(TV, Radio, ..,interferences).



pic microcontroller water level


where can i find some information on how suppress emi noise depending on switching inductive loads? for example I use a PIC to switch some relays and when relay switches on a water pump (24V DC) it happens thata another casual relay switches, ora when i switch on a 12V DC motor Pic resets.

Is there a paper where i can find information about this? I often solve these problems randomly.... for example last time i used a 10uH inductor connected to PIC's input pin, some times i use a 10nF connected to motor poles.

I'd like to know why...... so i can protect my pic from every cause.
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