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[SOLVED] Stepper Motor Drive & Control for three axis translation mechanism

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Oct 3, 2010
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Daejeon, South Korea
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Dear All Respectable Members,

I hope some of you are expert of stepper motor driving & controlling mechanism. Some may have learned it from this forum.
I need your help.
I am designing a three axis translation mechanism using stepper motors. So I am using 3 NEMA 17, 4 Lead Bipolar stepper motors for the purpose(Datasheet Attached). I am finished with the mechanical part & image is attached. I am now moving towards the drive & control part. I am allowed to use any circuit & software. Can any one please guide me to accomplish this task? Your help will be a valuable input.

Many thanks for reading my post.


  • Final Stepper Motor Selected.pdf
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This looks like a good point to start with... Helpful. Thanks Hassan

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This looks like a good point to start with... Helpful. Thanks Hassan & KAK ....

Dear All,
I have found something after alot of net surfing. Please find its document attached with.
Your comments regarding this product are very important for me.
Many thanks.


  • Driver Very Very Important 2.pdf
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This is one of many available so called CNC router card.

You can find these TB6560 Driver Controller Board for 3- or 5-axis
( Another manufacturers cards for industrial use 3- to 12- axis or more)

If you can use G-codes for programming movements , you can find free programs for it.
Older cards use PC´s parallel port for commands, newer ones use USB.

I have been made many different industrial multi axis control systems for metal works
(CNC Milling and turning machines , etc... )
Systems created with Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, NUM , etc

If you can tell more about your device, maybe I can help you more.

Regards KAK

PS. Something for read.......

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**broken link removed**
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Dear kak111,

Many thanks again for writing & sharing such valuable stuff. I really feel that I am stitched with the wise man to become wise.:grin:
Let me introduce my application.

As the image attached shows, there are three axis called X, Y & Z axis. The stage mounted upon Z-Axis will be used for a small sensor (Very small weight). After integrating all mechanical parts together, the weight of any axis will be 1.5 kg each. Now combining three axis together, will cover a 3 D space (Volume) of 25 cm X 25 cm X 25 cm. I am using a Bipolar NEMA 17 stepper motor for motion along each axis. The purpose of this mechanism is to provide a platform for a sensor to analyse Properties of Plasma particles inside a vacuum chamber. This sensor will be placed at different positions in the above mentioned space (Volume). I am finished with the mechanical design. Now the task is to control & perform motion for the sensor along each axis. Lets say that it can take measurements at discrete points in 3 D space with 25 points (each point 1 cm apart) on each axis.

Kindly tell me the feasibility of using the TB6560 card for this purpose.
In addition now a days, Laptops don't come with these sort of Ports. Also mostly have windows 7 installed. Is it possible to use USB2.0 for such mechanism?
Am I required to make computer Programmes as well?
Many thanks for reading & patience.

Kind Regards:



Dear Sir (KAK111),

Many thanks again.
Let me surf these.

Have a good day too.


please check below references may help you...
hxxp: // www . embeddedtronics . com/

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