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static change over for home load ..

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Oct 9, 2009
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Uttar pradesh (INDIA)
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i want to design a static change over for home load ..
4 i\p & 1 o\p .
means R (phase) , B(phase) , Y(phase) & GENERATOR use as i\p and 1 (phase) o\p. for phase selection want use triac , micro controller.

It sounds as though you're talking about an automatic transfer switch. It will make it safe to power your home using a generator when street power blacks out.

You'd do best to install a switch (or relay) that will ensure there can be absolutely no electrical contact between your generator and incoming street power. Accidental connections can be possible with a triac or solid state device.

It's crucial that you don't endanger linemen working on power lines nearby or at a distance. They could be electrocuted by stepped-up voltage from your home generator. That's why you must 'island' your generator.

And whatever you attach to your mains, it should comply with local regulations. I don't know what regulations apply to do-it-yourself hookups if your own circuitry is attached to your own house while it's detached from street power.

My house had a transfer switch. I was able to disconnect from street power during blackouts. Then I could power the house from my battery bank and inverter.

I attached plugs to each end of a power cord so that I could reverse feed juice from my inverter into a wall receptacle. It was not according to code. But I could be sure I was not endangering linemen anywhere in the world.

I made the whole setup in preparation for Y2K when there was apprehension about social meltdown. Codes might be up in the air if that had happened.

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