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Spectrum analyzer ADVANTEST R3132 not working

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Feb 27, 2002
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Good morning;
recently arrived a spectrum analyzer ADVANTEST R3132 not working, meaning that the trace is seen on the screen, but no signal is detected.
I have the user manual, but no schematic on it; anybody has the service manual or the schematics of this unit or similar ( I.E. R3131 ).

thank you in advance
Best regards

Does the instrument have a built-in calibration waveform? Any kind of internal signal you could activate to help you troubleshoot? Or any alternate input besides the primary input?

Did you purchase the instrument second-hand as non-working? Seems to me it's the easiest thing in the world for a human to overload the front end circuitry, burning out a transistor.

Example: brief contact with house voltage, static charge, signal applied while the power is Off, etc. These can be through direct contact or, say, a human holding the probe tip while touching various sources as an experiment.

Can you access the circuitry which amplifies the incoming signal? Can you inject a test signal at a point where circuitry processes it?
These are some things you can try without having a schematic.

The instrument is second hand, from a local company, they said there are some small problems.......
I have good knwledge of this type of instruments, having a HP8569 and having had an Anritsu MS710.
The 30 MHZ reference is correct as frequency and level, the level is adjustable through the spectrum menù.
self calibration fail for the error indicated on the picture annexed.
resolution bandwidth and video bandwidth are working, because the "grass" amplitude changes as the settings.
Self calibration fails due to error 807 as picture.
Thank you.


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Just one shorted transistor could ground all input signals including the calibration signal.

Can you find ADVANTEST instrument schematics anywhere on internet? Compare board layout, part numbers, etc., to see what resembles yours?
Use an oscilloscope to track down the calibration signal?

Also try an Edaboard search on ADVANTEST to locate previous discussions here.

Good morning;
already tried everywhere, but is possible to find only the user manual, but no service manual, that is what I am looking for.

Have you anything?

Thank you for your help and patience

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